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A.R.G.O. Preschool, Adult, Recreational, and Provincial Stream Programs in West Winnipeg & Headingley Contact: Anna-Marie (204) 291-3742
H.P.T.C INTERNATIONAL National Stream classes in Winnipeg & Aesthetic Group Gymnastics Contact: Shari (204) 779-4722
MANITOBA FUSION Display team resuming in September 2017 Contact: Carly(204) 918-5906
RHYTHMIC ROYALS Recreational and Provincial-Stream competitive programs in St. Vital, St. Boniface, Fort Garry, Fort Rouge, University of Manitoba/Richmond, Lindenwoods Contact: Zdravka (204) 295-9272
SAPPHIRES Recreational, Provincial and National-Stream competitive programs in North/West Wpg, Garden City, Maples Contact: Mikayla 204-229-9079


SPIRALS Recreational & Interclub classes in Lorette and Ile-des-Chenes Contact: Huguette (204) 878-3868


Winnipeg River Gymnastics Recreational and display programs in Lac Du Bonnet Contact: Daylene