Manitoban Officials Receive Top Marks







Two Manitoban officials, Shari Hebert and Zdravka Tchonkova have passed the necessary exams to obtain FIG Brevet Judging Licences. Zdravka received a Brevet 2 in both Group and Individual, the highest achievement possible at an International Course, which she attended in Baku, Azerbaijan. Shari took the Brevet exams for the first time, in Indianapolis, USA, and passed both the Group and Individual portions and has receiving a Brevet 4 licence. Congratulations!

Nominate the 2017 Coach of the Year

Do you know a coach that has gone above-and-beyond? The purpose of the Coach of the Year Awards is to recognize the dedication to coaching rhythmic gymnastics in Manitoba. Each recipient will be selected for their outstanding achievement in the category in which they have been nominated, and for their unique contribution to the advancement and well-being of athletes. The nomination deadline is May 10th to the RGM office.

Photo: Andre Forget (CAC/ACE)

2017 Coach of the Year Nomination Form

Western Regional Championships Results

Photo: Rhythmic Royals

Congratulations to the gymnasts from HPTC International, Rhythmic Royals, and Sapphires on another successful Western Regional Championships! Here are the gymnasts and groups who placed in the top 8 at the Championships:

Elizabeth Kennedy (7th ball)


Alexandra Yarema 6th AA (ball 3rd, clubs 4th)
Alexys Purdie 8th AA (hoop 5th, clubs 3rd)
Grace Francis (ribbon 7th)
Anastasia Kurakin (hoop 7th)

SeniorO Meaghan Matthews 3rd AA (1st hoop, 8th ball, 3rd clubs, 4th ribbon)

Maria Sokolova 2nd AA (2nd free, 8th rope, 2nd ball)
Ruby Derlago 4th AA (5th free, 1st ball)

Photo: HPTC International


Kaitlyn Childs (3rd ball)

Caroline Coughlan 1st AA (1st rope, 1st clubs, 1st choice)
Emma Coughlan 2nd AA (2nd rope, 2nd clubs , 4th choice)
Delainey Theissen 4th AA (5th rope, 4th clubs, 8th choice)

Ashley Richter 1st AA (1st ball, 1st clubs, 2nd choice)
Madison Frost 5th AA (7th ball, 4th clubs, 7th choice)

Photo: Sapphires RGC

Mikayla Trojan 3rd AA (2nd ribbon, 2nd hoop, 5th choice)
Aimee Lagimodiere (7th ribbon)

HPTCI Junior Group of 5 (Alexys Purdie, Alexandra Yarema, Samantha Pfeil, Anna Belle Richards, Anastasia Kurakin): 1st 2nd AA, 5 Ropes, 1st 10 clubs
Sapphires Level 5 Group of 3 (Keira Williams, Katie Derksen, Maya Dowson) 4th AA
Sapphires Level 6 Duo(Aimee Lagimodiere, Mikayla Trojan) 2nd AA
Rhythmic Royals Group of 3 (Madison Frost, Sara Johnson, Ashley Richter) 3rd AA
Sapphires Level 6 Group of 4 (Nicole Taylor, Mamie Kroeker-Tom, Kiersten Zueff, Megan Polden) 1st AA

Nominations open for RGM Board of Directors

Rhythmic Gymnastics Manitoba is seeking individuals to join the Board of Directors. The positions up for election in June 2017 are as follows:

President                                        2 year term

Club Representative                     2 year term

Coaches Chair                                2 year term

VP Finance                                      1 year term

Events Chairperson                      1 year term

Athlete Representative                 1 year term

Community Development            1 year term

The Coaches Chair shall be elected at the AGM by registered judges, and the Athlete Representative will be elected by registered athletes. All other positions will be voted on at the AGM by all eligible members.

Registered members of Rhythmic Gymnastics Manitoba are invited to nominate members of the organization to fill any of the above positions by completing the Nominating Form & Profile – 2017. The nomination form and nominee profile must be submitted to RGM office (email:, fax: 925-5703) no later than: 5:00 PM Monday, May 8, 2017.

Western Regional Championships

The 2017 Western Regional Championships are taking place in Regina, Saskatchewan from April 26-30.

There will be a livestream of the competition here:



Good luck to the gymnasts representing Manitoba at the competition!

HPTC International

J5 HPTCI Junior Group (Alexys Purdie, Alexandra Yarema, Anastasia Kurakin, Anna Belle Richards, Samantha Pfeil); LV3B Maria Sokolova ; LV3B Ruby Derlago ; LV5C Delainey Thiessen ; Novice Aubrey Burns ; Novice Festina Teneqja ; Novice Elizabeth Kennedy ; JuniorO Grace Francis ; JuniorO Alexys Purdie ; JuniorO Alexandra Yarema ; JuniorO Anastasia Kurakin ; JuniorO Anna Belle Richards ; JuniorH Samantha Pfeil ; SeniorO Meaghan Matthews

Rhythmic Royals

UL6M23 Rhythmic Royals Group of 3 (Madison Frost, Sara Johnson, Ashley Richter) ; LV4B Chiara Costamagna Soto ; LV4B Leah Paulic ; LV4B Jorja Harakal ; LV4B Cleo Wermann-Thorn ; LV5B Kaitlyn Childs ; LV5C Emma Coughlan ; LV5C Caroline Coughlan ; LV6B Madison Frost ; LV6B Ashley Richter ; LV5B Bleona Teneqja


Sapphires Level 5 Group of 3 (Keira Williams, Katie Derksen, Maya Dowson) ; Sapphires Level 6 Group of 4 (Nicole Taylor, Mamie Kroeker-Tom, Kiersten Zueff, Megan Polden) ; Sapphires Level 6 Duo (Aimee Lagimodiere, Mikayla Trojan) ; LV6B Danielle Sa ; LV6B Olivia Thompson ; LV5B Mary MacPherson ; LV6B Lizzie McLarty ; LV6B Amy Milne ; SeniorO Mamie Kroeker-Tom ; LV6C Mikayla Trojan ; LV6C Aimee Lagimodiere