Provincial Championships Awards

Heather Willoughby Trophy – club with the highest total of All-Around scores at the Provincial Championships

[expand title=”2019 High Performance Training Center International”]

2018 High Performance Training Center International
2017 High Performance Training Center International
2016 High Performance Training Center International
2015 High Performance Training Center International
2014 High Performance Training Center International
2013 High Performance Training Center International
2012 High Performance Training Center International


Diana Juchnowski Trophy–  top Provincial Stream Individual Gymnast, with the highest all around score

[expand title=”Emma Coughlan 2019 “]

2018 Emma Coughlan
2017  Caroline Coughlan
2016 Genevieve Giesbrecht
2015 Genevieve Giesbrecht
2014 Nika Korpesho
2013 Sumandy Young
2012 Nadia Lapteva


Zlatica Stauder Trophy – awarded to the individual who scores the highest score of the competition in the single event

[expand title=”2019 Samantha Pfeil”]

2018 Samantha Pfeil
2017 Kaedyn Lashley
2016 Kaedyn Lashley
2015 Kaedyn Lashley
2014 Kaedyn Lashley
2013 Danielle Stepnuk
2012 Danielle Stepnuk


Emelia Reddy Trophy – awarded to the National Stream group that achieves the highest score of the competition
[expand title=”2019 – No Recipient “]

2018 No Recipient
2017 HPTCI Junior Group of 5 – Anastasia Kurakin, Alexys Purdie, Samantha Pfeil, Alexandra Yarema, Anna Belle Richards
2016 HPTCI Junior Trio – Emma Coughlan, Caroline Coughlan, Grace Francis
2015 HPTCI Novice Group of 5 – Anastasia Kurakin, Lily Xiang, Justine Kolody, Delainey Thiessen, Samantha Pfeil
2014 HPTCI Novice Trio – Justine Kolody, Alycia Padua, Delainey Thiessen
2013 Sapphires Junior Group of 4 – Amy Milne, Megan Polden, Mamie Kroeker-Tom, Nicole Taylor
2012 HPTCI Senior Duo – Annia Mulaire and Nika Korpesho


Thelma Kojima Trophy – awarded to the Provincial Stream group that achieves the highest score of the competition

[expand title=”2019 Royals Level 6 Duo- Caroline Coughlan and Emma Coughlan”]

2018 Royals Level 6 Duo – Sara Johnson & Madison Frost
2017 Sapphires Level 6 Duo – Aimee Lagimodiere & Mikayla Trojan
2016 Sapphires Level 6 Group of 5 –

Geneva Cloutis, Vicky Cloutis, Nina Semchyshyn, Erin Rawluk, and Emma McLarty

2015  Royals Level 5 Trio – Madison Frost, Grace Theodorou, Angelina Cotroneo
2014 Sapphires Senior Trio – Amy Lagimodiere, Samantha Stevenson, Mikayla Trojan
2013 Sapphires Senior Trio – Mikayla Trojan, Aimee Lagimodiere, Samantha Stevenson
2012 Sapphires Novice Trio – Megan Polden, Olivia Thompson, Emily Watson


Coaching Awards

Each year RGM recognizes 3 outstanding coaches – one from each program, Recreational, Provincial, and National. In the spirit of the credo “Every athlete deserves qualified coach”, these exceptional young women have demonstrated true understanding of this belief through their actions. One of these coaches is then chosen to receive the Zdravka Tchonkova coach of the year award. The Royals Apprentice Coach Award recognizes the efforts of beginner coaches across Manitoba who have made outstanding contributions to the development of athletes and sport in their community.

Recreational Coach of the Year
[expand title=”2015 – Genevieve Giesbrecht”]

2014 Roxanne Lacroix
2013 Chantal Seguin
2012 Chrystal Veroba
2011 Chantal Seguin
2010 Dixie Giesbrecht
2009 Rebecca Lesiuk
2008 Emily Richard


Provincial Stream Coach of the Year
[expand title=” 2015 Emily Richard”]

2014 Emily Richard
2013 Carly Isaak & Lisa Smyrichinsky
2012 Emily Richard
2011 Kristi Nikkel
2010 Emily Richard
2009 Emily Richard
2008 Carly Isaak


National Stream Coach of the Year
[expand title=” 2015 Shari Tracy Chu”]

2014 Shari Hebert
2013 Tanya Manastersky & Tracy Chu
2012 Shari Hebert
2011 Tracy Chu
2010 Tracy Chu
2009 Tanya Manastersky
2008 Shari Hebert


The Royals Apprentice Coach Award
[expand title=”2015 Meghan Groot”]

2014 Mikayla Trojan
2013 Kaedyn Lashley
2012 Stephanie Ross
2011 Nina Semchyshyn
2010 Breanna Millette
2009 Geneva Cloutis
2008 Danielle Stepnuk


Zdravka Tchonkova Coach of the Year
[expand title=” 2012 Chrystal Veroba”]


Kristi Nikkel & Tracy Chu

2010 Emily Richard
2009 Tanya Manastersky
2008 Shari Hebert


Volunteer Awards

Volunteer of the Year Awards

ARGO Jacqueline Nordstrom & Anna-Marie Keough
SAPPHIRES Lorna McClarty & Char Thomson
HPTCI Marvin Giesbrecht & Nique Lashley
ROYALS Lisa Harakal & Suzanne Wowchuk

Each year the Rhythmic Gymnastics Manitoba recognizes outstanding volunteers as nominated by their clubs

Irene Okano Award – awarded to one RGM member who has made significant volunteer contributions throughout the year

[expand title=”2015 Elena Kurakin”]

2014 Marvin Giesbrecht
2013 Maria Stevenson
2012 Marvin Giesbrecht
2011 Sandra Marriot-Silver
2010 Rosemarie Cloutis
2009 Sandra Marriot-Silver
2008 Karen Trojan


GCG Awards

GCG Life Members – Gymnastics Canada’s most prestigious awards given to a person who has provided long term services in a significant manner to the Canadian Gymnastics Federation. Awarded since 1972, the “Life Members” are given the title by agreement on the part of the Gymnastics Canada Board of Directors. The award is a demonstration of GCG’s gratitude and high esteem toward “Life Members”.

[expand title=”2011 Wanda Ladyman”]

2010 Zlatica Stauder


Program Service Award – This award is presented for exceptional commitment and dedication by a Coach, Judge, Official or Staff to the development of gymnastics over a period of time.

2009 Zlatica Stauder

Gymnastics Canada Volunteer Service Pins – a volunteer who has served gymnasts at the National level for twenty-five, fifteen, ten, or five year period is awarded a quality diamond, gold, silver, or bronze GCG pin.

[expand title=”Diamond Zlatica Stauder”]

Diamond Wanda Ladyman
Gold Wendy MacKenzie
Gold Zdravka Tchonkova
Silver Cindy Hoover