prismPRISM Recreational Skill Development Program

Since 2001, Rhythmic Gymnastics Manitoba has mandated that all member clubs offering recreational programs participate in the PRISM Recreational Skill Development Program, developed in Alberta.

The PRISM program is designed to encourage recreational gymnasts to stay in the sport to pursue higher levels of skills in rhythmic gymnastics.

The program accomplishes this as it:

  • shares an emphasis between participation and fun with basic skills and body technique
  • provides coaches with a sequence of skills to plan their practices with
  • ensures that the gymnast participates in a program that develops basic skills in a proper progression recognizes the gymnasts for their accomplishments
  • provides a structure for the gymnast to set goals for higher skill development

Program Overview

PRISM is divided into seven colour-coded levels with each level divided into specific elements for body and apparatus:

Body: Locomotion, Arms, Balances, Jumps and Leaps, Pivots, Flexions               Apparatus: Ball, Rope, Ribbon, Scarves and Hoops

Gymnasts can achieve one of the levels by completing a set number of skills within the level. Each level has between 22 and 43 skills and the gymnast must complete 90% of the skills to successfully achieve the PRISM level.

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