It can be said that next to coaching, judging has the greatest impact on athlete success and progress and the perception of the sport to the public. All judges go through extensive theoretical and practical training so that they can perform at the highest of professional standards, so that all athletes will be judged fairly and can reach their potential.

Become a Judge

Judging isn’t just for retired rhythmic gymnasts and coaches – Anyone who has an interest can become a judge! Those who want to pursue judging must participate in the following steps:

  1. Take a judging course. The Club Level Judging course is for new and beginner judges. The Provincial and National Level Judging courses are for those who are intermediate to advanced level judges or are former national team athletes and coaches who want to pursue judging.
  2. Write the written theory exam and receive a passing grade.
  3. Complete the practical exam and receive a passing grade.
  4. Shadow experienced judges at Invitational competitions.
  5. Complete the required amount of judging at Invitational and Provincial competitions.

Judging Progression

Each year, RGM offers judging courses to certify, re-certify and upgrade judging levels. Judging licenses are only valid during the Olympic Cycle in which the judge has been certified in (2017-2020). For more specific information on certification processes, please see the Judging Technical Rules and Regulations or call RGM at 925-5739.

Judging Course Registration Form – May 25 & 26, 2019


Each fall, courses are held to teach volunteers the scoring program. All invitationals must have a scoring official who enters the scores, prints the reports, and distributes the results for each competition.