Free Dance Workshop for Gymnasts & Coaches!

RGM is hosting a Dance Workshop for all Interclub, Provincial, and National athletes, as well as their coaches! Athletes and coaches will have a chance to learn 3 different styles in one morning! Here are the details:

• Event: RGM Dance Workshop for Athletes and Coaches
• Date: Sunday, January 7, 2018
• Time: 8:00-11:00 am
• Location: Max Bell Centre, U of M
• Levels: All Interclub, Provincial, and National athletes (athletes will be divided into age-appropriate groups)
• Cost: Free
• What to wear: appropriate/comfortable attire for dance/RG
• What to bring: water

The 3 chosen dance styles are a secret, and will be revealed on the morning of! Let’s just say, the athletes and coaches are going to be pleasantly surprised, and will learn 3 very different styles of dance!

Elite Manitoba 2018

Pictured: Veronika Yegorova, Elite Manitoba Novice Champion 2017. Photo by Marny Barnes.

The 2018 edition of Elite Manitoba is coming up on January 27 & 28 at Max Bell Centre. This competition serves as the first full technical program, where all gymnasts compete all their routines, in the province this competitive season. All the competitive clubs in province provide volunteers and expertise to make this competition a success.

If you are interested in checking out rhythmic gymnastics for the first time, admission is just $2 at the door! Children under 12 are free.

Gymnasts from across the prairies will compete as final tune up for Elite Canada, which is a National Team selection competition taking place the following weekend. Don’t miss your chance to see current and future stars!