Rhythmic Gymnastics Manitoba Launches Prism Program in Schools Campaign

prismRhythmic gymnastics, one of the disciplines of gymnastics develops physical literacy combining fundamental movement patterns with use of small hand apparatus i.e. Rope, Ball, Hoop, Ribbon, Clubs, Scarves, etc. The benefits of rhythmic gymnastics are immeasurable!

Participants develop flexibility, strength, endurance, hand-eye coordination, and creativity in fun environment. Many participants in gymnastics programs go on to play other sports with ease as gymnastics has given them skills transferable to many sports. More information available under Athletes->Recreational Program->Prism.

Announcing the 2010/2011 Provincial Team

Senior Team: Danielle Stepnuk Kristi Nikkel Nadia Daoudi Dara Hallock
Nika Korpesho Ania Mulaire
Junior Team: Sumandy Young Nicole Zaki Genevieve Giesbrecht Meaghan Matthews
Sabrina Kratsberg Kennedy Merril Camille Silver Haylee Valdez
Lauren Smith
Novice Team: Kaedyn Lashley Amy Milne Jennifer Wang Lily Zhang
Anastasia Anistratov Naia Dias-Gwyn Amila Hoang Nicole Taylor
Team Coaches: Shari Hiebert Natalia Rybak Tanya Manastersky

Without Judges there is NO Competition!!

Did you know that rhythmic gymnastics competition requires minimum of 4 to a maximum of 16 panel judges to judge a single gymnast?

Over the last few years, we have seen competitions run with fewer then 4 judges. Many of our current judges are also coaches. This limits their availability to judge part or entire competitions. Rhythmic Gymnastics Manitoba mandate is to train judges at all levels from Club, Provincial, National to International Levels. We can train you!

Who is a good candidate to become a judge? An individual with keen interest in rhythmic gymnastics, who appreciates the intricacy of moving gymnast with the apparatus set to music, who watches rhythmic gymnastics competitions on the internet, comes to watch competitions even when not involved in other capacities, or volunteers in different capacities because of the opportunity to catch a glimpse of a competition. An individual who has keen observational abilities, can view performance without emotions and most importantly can render judgment with impartiality. Retired athletes, coaches, interested parents and athletes nearing the end of their competitive carrier or recreational/performing athletes make good candidates to be judges.

Is it you or you know of some one who meets this profile?  If you do help us to recruit them. RGM will cover the registration fee of the first new recruit registered for the upcoming Club Level 1 & 2 Judging Course.

2010-2011 Routine Script Program

Attention coaches! New Routine Script Program is now available by contacting the RGM office. If you are not familiar with the program, it is to help gymnasts/coaches describe and create the judging forms required for a routine through point-and-clicks. The program is provided to the RGM members free of charge. To get access to the program, email the RGM office.