Judging Course Results November 5-7, 2010

Provincial Level 1 & 2 and Club Level 1 & 2 Judging Course was held with 6 participants under the instruction of Tracy Sterdan and Wendy Mackenzie.

Congratulation to the following individuals for passing the course: Club Level 2 – Geneva Cloutis & Nadia Daoudi, Club Level 1 – Lisa Smyrichinsky, Provincial 2- Monique Lashley, Provincial 1 – Pat Cassie, Tracy Chu.

Competition Music Workshop

From talk to action! Rhythmic Gymnastics Manitoba is now poised to implement changes on how coaches submit the music at competitions. One hour “hands on” workshop November 21 11:00-12:00 is a must for clubs hosting invitational competitions and definitely must for the coaches preparing gymnasts for competitions.

Santa Claus Parade

Santa Claus ParadeMany thanks to everyone involved in making rhythmic gymnastics visible at the Santa Clause parade last Saturday.

This was RGM first attempt in being Parade Ambassadors.

Thank-you to Zdravka for recruiting Emily, Kristi, and Danielle and supplying the most of hoops. Thank you Mrs. Cloutis for overseeing the activity. Read more..

Santa Clause Parade Contest

 Big, big disappointment! We did not received a single contest submission. We certainly hope that there is more lively spirit in rhythmic gymnasts in Manitoba than judging by this response. We challenge the coaches to lead by example and respond to our VP Marketing call for volunteers.

In her own words Zdravka Tchonkova writes to the Club Presidents and the Coaches: “This is a friendly reminder for submitting the names of the coaches willing to participate at Santa Clause Parade. Please email me the names by TOMOROW. It would be ideal if we have a coach from each club! This will be fun event!” Zdravka can be reached at the following e-mail.