Board of Directors

Rhythmic Gymnastics Board of Directors

President John Matthews
Past President Susan Yurkiw
Vice President Finance Vacant
Vice President Marketing Zdravka Tchonkova
Vice President Technical Jill MacGregor
Elite Development Monique Lashley
Community Development Kim Pfeil
Coaches Representative Emily Richard
Officials Representative Tracy Sterdan
Athlete Representative Genevieve Giesbrecht
Club Representative Shari Hebert
Events Director Vacant


Organization Founders/Management

Mrs. Zlatica Stauder introduced rhythmic gymnastics to Manitoba in 1969. She established the first organizing committee and trained the first coaches and judges in Manitoba. In 1980, she was hired by the Association to develop and deliver a Provincial Team Program. Building on the successes of the Provincial Team Program, Mrs. Stauder was instrumental in establishment of the High Performance Training Center (HPTC) for rhythmic gymnastics in Manitoba (1985).  She was the HPTC Head Coach from 1985-1991. In 1991 Mrs. Stauder was appointed to the position of RGM Technical Director and in 1996 was promoted to the position of the Executive Director. After 40 years of seeing Rhythmic Gymnastics grow in Manitoba, Mrs. Zlatica Stauder retired as of September 15, 2011 and now will justifiably enjoy the life of a retiree. She has left this beautiful sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics knowing that her hard work has paid off and the sport is here to stay. Rhythmic Gymnastics Manitoba will miss her greatly.

RGM Past Presidents

1975 – 1983    Mrs. Heather Willoughby
1983 – 1984    Mrs. Lorraine Malette
1984 – 1986    Mrs. Donna Van Horne
1986 – 1988    Mrs. Bev Corbett
1988 – 1990    Mr. Sami Rizkala
1990 – 1991    Mrs. Helen Connor
1991 – 1993    Ms.Anne Pudavick
1993 – 1995    Mr. Tim Jichuk
1995 – 1996    Ms. Elaine Ashley
1996 – 1998    Mr. David Smith
1998 – 1999    Mr. Nick Iafolla
1999 – 2001    Mr. Howard Nerman
2001 – 2003    Mr. Roger Lacroix
2003 – 2005    Mr. Barry McLeod
2005 – 2006    Mr. Paul Cech-Manek
2006 – 2012    Mr. Raymond Chu
2012 – 2013    Mrs. Susan Yurkiw