2010 World Championships Feedback

2010 Worlds MoscowThe World Championships was a success for the Canadian Group, who finished 14th AA out of 29 countries and 1st from the American continent. Only the top 24 countries from this Worlds will be invited to the next Worlds which will be the qualification for the 2012 Olympic Games.

Something new for this World Championships was that each country was permitted only one coach to walk with the athletes on the competition carpet along with a team’s doctor. Assistant coaches and other personnel were encouraged to sit in the stands and watch the performances of their teams from a distance.

I was the official Canadian Group Coach who led the team to the success during the 30th World Championships. I’m grateful to the Canadian Federation for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to participate and contribute to the accomplishment of our team at this extremely important event. Contributed by: Zdravka Tchonova. Congratulation to Zdravka and the team! Watch the group’s hoop routine!