Western Regional Championships Results

Photo: Rhythmic Royals

Congratulations to the gymnasts from HPTC International, Rhythmic Royals, and Sapphires on another successful Western Regional Championships! Here are the gymnasts and groups who placed in the top 8 at the Championships:

Elizabeth Kennedy (7th ball)


Alexandra Yarema 6th AA (ball 3rd, clubs 4th)
Alexys Purdie 8th AA (hoop 5th, clubs 3rd)
Grace Francis (ribbon 7th)
Anastasia Kurakin (hoop 7th)

SeniorO Meaghan Matthews 3rd AA (1st hoop, 8th ball, 3rd clubs, 4th ribbon)

Maria Sokolova 2nd AA (2nd free, 8th rope, 2nd ball)
Ruby Derlago 4th AA (5th free, 1st ball)

Photo: HPTC International


Kaitlyn Childs (3rd ball)

Caroline Coughlan 1st AA (1st rope, 1st clubs, 1st choice)
Emma Coughlan 2nd AA (2nd rope, 2nd clubs , 4th choice)
Delainey Theissen 4th AA (5th rope, 4th clubs, 8th choice)

Ashley Richter 1st AA (1st ball, 1st clubs, 2nd choice)
Madison Frost 5th AA (7th ball, 4th clubs, 7th choice)

Photo: Sapphires RGC

Mikayla Trojan 3rd AA (2nd ribbon, 2nd hoop, 5th choice)
Aimee Lagimodiere (7th ribbon)

HPTCI Junior Group of 5 (Alexys Purdie, Alexandra Yarema, Samantha Pfeil, Anna Belle Richards, Anastasia Kurakin): 1st 2nd AA, 5 Ropes, 1st 10 clubs
Sapphires Level 5 Group of 3 (Keira Williams, Katie Derksen, Maya Dowson) 4th AA
Sapphires Level 6 Duo(Aimee Lagimodiere, Mikayla Trojan) 2nd AA
Rhythmic Royals Group of 3 (Madison Frost, Sara Johnson, Ashley Richter) 3rd AA
Sapphires Level 6 Group of 4 (Nicole Taylor, Mamie Kroeker-Tom, Kiersten Zueff, Megan Polden) 1st AA