Helioupolis Cup 2016

Vantage PointsAlexys Purdie, Alexandra Yarema, Cindy Chang, Samantha Pfeil and Veronika Yegorova represented Canada at the 9th Helioupolis Cup in Greece on January 15-17, 2016. They were joined by Coach Emily Richard and judge Zdravka Tchonkova.

There were 47 gymnasts competing in the pre-junior (Canadian Novice) category. Samantha Pfeil placed 5th in the Pre-Junior All-Around, Hoop 16th (11.150), Ball 5th (11.350), and a silver finish in clubs 2nd – 12.450. Veronika Yegorova finished in 11th All-Around, Hoop 17th (11.050), Ball 9th (10.950), Clubs 8th (11.100). Cindy Chang finished in 17th All-Around, Hoop 25th (10.550), Ball 13th (10.600), Clubs 10th (11.050).

In the Junior category there were 45 competitors, Alexys Purdie finished with Hoop 15th (10.700), Ball 6th (13.000), Clubs 10th (12.050). Alexandra Yarema competed Rope 14th (10.500), Hoop 9th (11.650), Clubs 9th (12.200).

Full Results – 9th Helioupolis Cup 2016