Self-Reporting and Active Coaching

The CAC has added a “self-reporting” functionality in the Locker. As a result, and in addition to completing the Active Coaching Declaration and earning one Professional Development (PD) point a year, coaches may NOW self-direct their learning in the Locker and declare up to three PD points per maintenance cycle. Self-directed learning is described as learning opportunities that are not offered by a sport, are not directly related to sport, or are non-NCCP courses. Examples of self-directed learning include:

  • First aid training;
  • Leadership courses; and
  • Safety training.

To complete the self-reported PD declaration, coaches will need to log in to their Locker account and click on the “Self-Report” tab found under “Certification”.   For more information, please visit the Self-Reporting and Active Coaching page or consult the Maintenance of Certification frequently asked questions. Should you have any questions, please contact your coaching consultant.