Kaedyn Lashley Strikes Gold at Westerns

Kaedyn WesternsManitoba Provincial Team member Kaedyn Lashley captured her first Western Regional Title this past weekend in Edmonton, winning All-Around gold, as well as finishing 1st in ball, clubs, ribbon and 2nd in hoop.

Lashley, who is coached by Shari Hebert, will attempt to carry on her winning streak at the Manitoba Provincial Championships on May 11th & 12th before attending the National Championships in Ottawa May 18-21st.







Manitoba National Stream Results

PreNovice: Samantha Pfeil (Arabesque) finished 9th; Anastasia Kurakin (Arabesque) finished 10th; Anna Fradkov (Arabesque) finished 11th; Sasha Buckberger (Arabesque) finished 12th; Kaylee Purdie (Arabesque) finished 13th; Mackenzie Cervantes (Sapphires) finished 14th.

Novice: Caroline Coughlan of HPTCI finished 11th in the All-Around competition with a strong performance with her free that scored a 10.300 and placed 8th; Alexandra Yarema of Alegria finished 12th in the All-Around competition and was the top Manitoban in Hoop; Grace Francis finished 15th overall and her performance in clubs resulted in an 8th place finish; Shania Colin (Alegria) finished 17th in the All-Around; Emma Coughlan (HPTCI) finished 18th, Natali Omeliusik (Alegria) finished 19th, Liberty McAuley (Alegria) finished 21st; Kaitlyn Childs (HPTCI) finished 22nd;

Junior: Kaedyn Lashley (HPTCI, 1st All-Around, 2nd hoop, 1st ball, 1st clubs, 1st ribbon); Meaghan Matthews of HPTCI finished 11th in the All-Around competition and placed 8th in ball. Camille Silver (HPTCI) placed 16th in the All-Around; Narmina Huseynova (HPTCI) placed 17th; Amy Milne (Sapphires) placed 20th.

Senior: Danielle Stepnuk (HPTCI) placed 5th in Clubs and Ribbon, and captured 6th place overall; In the All-Around competition Kennedy Merrill (HPTCI) finished 17th; Sydney Yeroschak (Alegria) finished 18th; Lauren Smith (HPTCI) finished 20th; Nika Korpesho (HPTCI) finished 21st; Annia Mulaire  (HPTCI) finished 22nd.

Group: Sapphires Junior Group of Four finished 1st and improved their score on their second performance from a 5.933 to a 6.733.