Provincial Stream Gymnasts Shine at Westerns


Westerns 4C Ribbon
Level 4C Ribbon: Dasha Narkevich (2nd), Ashley Richter (3rd), Nicole Taylor (5th), Megan Polden (8th)

Manitoba’s Provincial Stream gymnasts delivered strong performances at the Western Regional Championships held April 25-28 in Edmonton Alberta. The Provincial Stream competition had some of the largest number of athletes registered in a regional competition.

Manitoba Provincial Stream Results

Level 3B: Avery Thompson of the Sapphires placed 21st in the All-Around competition.

Level 4B: Angelina Cotroneo of the Royals placed 8th overall, and placed 6th in ball. All-Around Results: Madison Frost (Royals) 11th; Grace Theodorou (Royals) 15th; Olivia Thompson (Sapphires) 23rd; Emily Watson (Sapphires) 24th; Danielle Sa (Sapphires) 26th;  Lizzie McLarty (Sapphires) 27th;  Kiersten Zueff (Sapphires) 28th;

Level 4C: Ashley Richter of the Royals delivered consistent routines to finish 2nd in the All-Around, 1st in ball, 3rd in ribbon, and 3rd in rope; Dasha Narkevich (Royals) placed 4th in the all-around and had a podium finish with a second-place ribbon routine. Nicole Taylor of the Sapphires placed 8th in the All-Around and had a strong ribbon routine earning 5th place. Megan Polden (Sapphires) finished 9th in the All-Around and Katie Trojan (Sapphires) finished 10th.

Level 5B: Rhyan St. Louis of the Royals finished 9th in the All-Around competition.

Level 5C: Sabrina Kratsberg of Alegria finished 6th overall, and had a 5th place clubs routine and a 6th place choice routine; Mikayla Trojan of the Sapphires finished 7th in the All-Around with a stand-out choice performance finishing 4th; Mamie Kroeker-Tom of the Sapphires finished All-Around 18th.

Group: The Sapphires Junior Group of Four (Lizzie McLarty, Danielle Sa, Avery Thompson, Kiersten Zueff) finished 3rd in their first performance and 2nd in their second performance.

 Congratulations to all the athletes!