Manitoba Delegation to the 2018 Canadian Championships

Alexandra Yarema finished 1st in SeniorO at the Western Regional Championships to qualify for the 2018 Canadian Championships.

Congratulations to the gymnasts that have qualified and will compete at the 2018 Canadian Championships in Richmond, May 16-20. The competition is hosted by BCRSGF.

Novice: Aubrey Burns, Festina Teneqja

Junior: Anna Belle Richards, Anastasia Kurakin, Samantha Pfeil

Senior: Grace Francis, Mamie Kroeker-Tom, Kaedyn Lashley, Alexys Purdie, Alexandra Yarema

Coach – Emily Richard; Judges – Shari Hebert, Zdravka Tchonkova, Lisa Smyrichinsky; Manager – Josie Cosyns
The event will be live streamed on Gymcan.TV and live scores will be available on