Manitoba Team to Western Regional Championships

WRC2015The top Provincial Stream athletes from BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba will compete in the 2015 edition of the Western Regional Championships. The competition will run April 23-26 in Burnaby, B.C.

You can follow the athlete’s scores on Score2u.

2015 Westerns Competition Schedule

2015 Westerns Order of Rotation

Manitoba will be represented in the Provincial Stream Competition by:

LV3B – Elizabeth Kennedy HPTC International

LV3C – Veronika Yegorova HPTC International

LV4B – Delainey Thiessen HPTC International, Anna Belle Richards HPTC International

LV4C – Kaitlyn Childs Rhythmic Royals

LV5B – Angelina Cotroneo Rhythmic Royals, Madison Frost Rhythmic Royals

LV5C – Ashley Richter Rhythmic Royals

LV6B – Rhyan St Louis Rhythmic Royals, Mikayla Trojan Sapphires, Mamie Kroeker-Tom Sapphires

LV6C – Genevieve Giesbrecht Rhythmic Royals


The National Stream competition names the Western Regional Champion in each level and also serves as a qualifier to the National Championships. To qualify, these athletes must have  a top-ten finish or be the top two Manitoban’s in the All-Around Competition. Good luck to these National Stream athletes!

Novice – Justine Kolody HPTC International, Anastasia Kurakin HPTC International, Anna Fradkov HPTC International, Samantha Pfeil HPTC International, Lily Xiang HPTC International

Junior – Caroline Coughlan HPTC International, Emma Coughlan HPTC International, Grace Francis HPTC International, Alexys Purdie HPTC International, Alexandra Yarema HPTC International

Senior – Meaghan Matthews HPTC International

Novice Group of Five – HPTC International: Justine Kolody, Anastasia Kurakin, Samantha Pfeil, Lily Xiang, Delainey Thiessen

Junior Trio – HPTC International: Caroline Coughlan , Emma Coughlan, Grace Francis