Volunteer of the Year Award

Every year at the RGM Annual General meeting, taking place Tuesday June 9th this year in the Sport Manitoba Building, we make an effort to recognize the invaluable contributions of our volunteer community.

If you have worked alongside or know an outstanding individual who has contributed their time and efforts to the love of Rhythmic Gymnastics, RGM would appreciate if you could submit the following:

  • The names of one or two outstanding volunteers from a Manitoba club who, through their commitment of time and talent have had a positive impact on the operation of the organization. Please provide a brief description of how their actions have benefited their Club and its athletes.
  • The name of one outstanding individual whose dedication, energy and love for the sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics qualifies them to be considered for the Irene Okano Special Recognition Award. This award is dedicated to those special volunteers who have contributed “above-and-beyond” to the sport of RG province-wide and your nomination letter should include details to support your selection.

It would be appreciated if you could submit your nominations to the RGM office by May 22nd so that we will have enough time to make appropriate plans for the recognition ceremony.

Thank you!